HomeHabit 29.0: Group widget. Weather icons

Some great features and several improvements added in this release. Enjoy!

Group widget

The new Group widget is a container-like widget that helps to visually organize widgets inside a dashboard.

Two simple steps

  • create group widget with an optional label and desired size
  • drag and drop other widgets inside the group widget OR resize group widget to contain other widgets

Additional notes

  • Grouped widgets should be fully within bounds of a Group widget to render properly. This is especially important when editing dashboard configuration directly using Remote Admin.
  • Grouped widgets are still separate from a Group widget itself. Deleting Group widget will not remove its grouped widgets. However, Group widget drag and drop does move all widgets together.

Weather icons

The app now has support for multiple weather icons packs. The first weather icons pack is available for all users with Premium licenses. These icons are from Font Awesome Pro icon pack, and provide a nice alternative to default weather icons.

Weather icons are configured as part of a dashboard theme, and apply to all widgets that show weather conditions (Weather, Weather Forecast and Clock).

Weather Forecast widget improvements

Several improvements made to Weather Forecast widget.

Extended forecast

The widget is now scrollable and will render all available forecasts in the series. There is no more space limitation.

Sunrise / Sunset

Two new properties allow adding sunrise and sunset times to be shown alongside the regular forecast items.

Other improvements

  • Color weather precipitation icons
  • Custom dimmer range in Light widget [1]
  • Placeholder cover image in Media widget [1]
  • Variable (binding) total in Donut widget [1]
  • Color picker improvements - search

Thank you

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HomeHabit 29.0
Available starting May 21, 2022

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