Improvements for Spotify Media Widget

I’ve added the media widget for the first time, using it to display whats currently playing on Spotify.

I’ve not used it for anything other than Spotify so Im not sure if my issues relate to Spotify specifically or the Media widget but I have the following issues:

  • When nothing is playing I see a blank box with media buttons - this is so ugly on my otherwise beautiful dashboard. I can see Spotify stops sending data after a while, so it is probably working as designed. However, perhaps a default picture could be specified in the media widget which is used when nothing is playing (was going to manually add the Spotify Logo if I could have got it working). (See next issue for q about how this could be served as an entity, but a http url would work.)

  • cover_image: I wondered if this is what the cover_image field is for, but I cannot find any way in home_assistant to serve up an image as an entity for Home Habit to find and bind to this field, to see.

HA weblink component could be used to specify a URL that can be bound to media cover image. However, I just noticed that it was completely removed in HA 0.107 release, so unless you are still using an earlier version, that’s not going to work.
Having a default image is an interesting idea, but doesn’t fit within current configuration flow. Will see what’s possible there.

Cover placeholder for Media widget has been added in 29.0 release.

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