Min Max on light dimmer

Is it possible to have a min and max setting on light dimmer like the regular widget does?

Current behavior is based on assumption that light dimmer devices always go 0-100.
Can you add more details on what is the use case for have different min/max?

Absolutely. I use home assistant with TP link kasa lights. They don’t show as an option on the dimmer widget, only under light. The dimmer type for lights don’t have the min max setting. I would like to have primarily a max setting so I can set a max brightness for my lights on the widget. A min setting would be nice so sliding all the way down doesn’t shut the light off.

BTW. love this app and it is ran on 4 different in-wall tablets. Finally got the monthly subscription to explore more options.

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That makes sense, thanks for the details.
I will look into this.

This improvement has been added for the next major release (29.0).

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