Donut: Total?

The “Total” seems to allow me to enter a numeric value. Allow this to be an item would be super useful so I could use my total house power consumption.

@igor maybe this would be a useful enhancement?

In your case, the individual items do not add up to total house consumption. You just display main consumption categories as slices, which smaller than the total consumption, right?

Yeah at some point toal consumption might be 2500w and washing machine might be 500w so “other” would be 2000w… Because I don’t power measure everything.

Yeah, that’s a good idea.

Added for the next release.

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Also right now it’s possible to add the caption “Watt” but no way to add a “W” as suffix/unit for the individual values.

Loving the variable total option! Now I need to figure out what is using all that power in my house…

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That’s a lot of unknown power…

@Igor, I know!
But I don’t have a sensor on the Oven or hot water heater so hopefully it is one of those…

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