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Hi @igor. What exactly means Premium?
Non premium version will be usable? Only a pair of dashboard or similar?

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Thanks Igor. I also think $10 is fine even if you have to pay it per device. I just hope that you can keep up with HA development itself. Too quickly it can happen that some “breaking change” in HA renders our tablets useless.
And for a paid version I’d hope for a bit more response in regards of user’s feature requests. Some are not even ignored … Eg. the auto wake up from screensaver reading the camera would be a much wanted feature which should be relatively easy to implement?!

Sorry €20 per device is too much for me. Sorry I have to leave, I’ve enjoyed this app for years. Best of luck with your future development.

As beta tester you can have it at $10. I’d say a fair price to support the development.

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Thank you for all your hard work, I think $20.00 is a bit too much, $10 is fine as I want to run it on 3 devices. 1 tablet and two phones.

Hi! I like the application because it was in a beta state, you could close your eyes to the missing functions. I was looking forward to the most important function for me, without which using the tablet is not very convenient, when leaving home, you need to manually turn off all tablets, and returning home to turn on again. The screensaver does not solve my question, because I want to see the situation at a distance, and not after manually turning off the screen saver. The cost of the application, even at $ 10, is a lot for me, for one device. My income is very modest. Thank you for a pleasant time, but I will have to look for another solution for myself. I wish you all the best and success in your further development!

Added: What is a non-premium version?

I don’t use play store on my current device (emteria OS). Can a licence still be applied?

Hi Guys and Igor

I believe that getting paid for years of hard work is not abnormal. I will support this project as I like its function and style. I will not have difficulty to pay licence for a device as long as the app will leave Beta, truly. Meaning, it will be functional without critical errors and missing base functionality.

In my case:


  • app freezes after 6-12 hours of operation, issue comes and goes away with different Beta versions [android 6] - this makes it inoperable
  • camera stream are not working for any camera I own [for good year at least], no further development in this case
  • iframe [above workaround] is not keeping its zoom level, re scales at will**
  • there is no color coding of widgets, if you run a big tablet you cannot devise one screen for better orientation**
  • editing and transferring configuration - it is a total pain. Once you transfer from a tablet to a tablet you loose entity bindings for gruped devices.


  • no lock on config
  • no lock on widget activation [my kids can do whatever they want with over 70 entities]
  • screen on/off function at certain times [home away/night]
  • graphs on usage of certain entities [power/usage etc - ie]
  • no clear roadmap for users

Once more, I like and will support this project. However, I would love it to get up to speed. Lets get is working well and fast. Right away :slight_smile:

As mentioned, I have no problem to pay, I will even go forward and propose that Igor should establish Patronite account and I am willing to support him on monthly basis to get this up to speed and function.

@ Igor - once you start asking for money people will start rating you differently on Google Play. Please send me a message if you are willing to work closed and accept my contribution.

@ everybody - I encourage you to support Igor with this development, there is no other like this for IOT at the moment [I tried most of them in last 5 years]




Non-premium version, or starter version, will be limited by amount of platforms and dashboards that can be created (1 platform and 1 dashboard with up to 3 pages).
Starter license will be continued and is available for free to everyone.

Hi @igor. Thanks for Starter Version concept explanation. It seems reasonable.
Another question…
I’m using a table device were I cannot use Google Store, so I’m using ‘alternative’ repositories to install the .apk.
Could I connect with license server in case I want to activate Premium Version? Or there are some technical restrictions?

@AirmakZ There are both technical restrictions and various challenges with accepting payments outside of PlayStore. Which is the reason PlayStore is the only officially supported distribution channel.
Any chance you can sideload Google Play Services and PlayStore on that device like users do with Fire tablets?

Will the free version have all the widgets etc, so just limitations on the amount of panels?

@DrPoncho yes, all current widgets will be available in the free version. There might some features in the future to be premium-only, but nothing is planned for that as of this moment.

Bought a couple of licenses, but would really like to see

  1. ability to turn off screen at certain times, overnight
  2. return to home dashboard after certain time

Those two would be ideal, hope my contribution can help to those two, seems like popular requests on here

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@TanDogsVan_dotcom PlayStore is required since in-app purchases can only be processed with it present on device.

Can you give some details on which widget is loosing bindings for grouped items?
That bug was supposedly fixed awhile ago, and I just confirmed it works for switched and sensors when doing export and then import.

For me it is grouped devices under one widget/button.

@Bart_Warot what type of widget has grouped devices? Can you make a screenshot of widget editing screen?

I am using home habit sideloaded onto a Kindle Fire. Is there any way to buy/install license since there is no play store?

@Bill_Bradley The payment for license can only be processed through the Play Store, which is the reason Play Store is the only officially supported distribution channel. Any chance you can sideload Google Play Services and Play Store on that device like some users (myself included) do with Fire tablets?