HomeHabit is out of beta!

Can you give some details on which widget is loosing bindings for grouped items?
That bug was supposedly fixed awhile ago, and I just confirmed it works for switched and sensors when doing export and then import.

For me it is grouped devices under one widget/button.

@Bart_Warot what type of widget has grouped devices? Can you make a screenshot of widget editing screen?

I am using home habit sideloaded onto a Kindle Fire. Is there any way to buy/install license since there is no play store?

@Bill_Bradley The payment for license can only be processed through the Play Store, which is the reason Play Store is the only officially supported distribution channel. Any chance you can sideload Google Play Services and Play Store on that device like some users (myself included) do with Fire tablets?

Why do I have different kind of licences on my devices? All devices are linked to the same Google account.

FireHD10 -> trial
OnePlus 6 -> trial
Lenovo Tab -> starter?

All devices are devices I use for a long time, none of them is a fresh installed one?!

Do you use any of the premium features on this device? Such as multiple dashboards or platforms?

Yes, dir example more than 3 dashboards, but 4th and 5th ist now greyed out

@Boogieman Can you upload debug logs from Support screen on that device?

debug logs uploaded

@Bart_Warot Still can’t make the same happen here. Few more questions:

  • is config was exported very recently from another device with the latest app version?
  • is platform (that has those grouped devices) connected successfully at least once on new device?

@Boogieman Next patch release (rolling out soon) should fix that issue.


Still the same (license starter) with version 1.1 (4746)

Uploaded debug logs again

@Boogieman 1.1 (4748) build is rolling out now. Please check if that one fixes it.

Perfect… now it’s working

In my case it was entities from Fibaro in HA

nice it is fixed already, i did not test it yet. However I still have app freezing my 12" tablet every 6 hours.

What cameras are you using and are these connected to Home Assistant?

I also agree with your “app freezes after 6-12 hours of operation, issue comes and goes away with different Beta versions [android 6] - this makes it inoperable” statement. I’ve emailed about this and at this stage with three tablets, I don’t think I could cough up $30 (discounted) without the ability to leave the app open all day. At the moment I’m have to close the app at least twice a day to make it usable as very quickly it starts to lag and the buttons become less and less responsive. A quick force close and open and it’s super responsive again.

P.S Would also like to see a return to release notes in the app store ASAP. Last 7 or so updates have had no release notes so who knows what’s being added or improved.

All releases since mid-march were just patch builds that contain only bug fixes or internal changes. Announcements for main releases will be posted as usual.

I am happy and not happy that my issue with lag and freeze is not isolated. I am waiting for solution quite long.

App release notes would be good too. I agree fully.

I use, well IP cameras with onvif support and rtsp. These are Hikvision 4 and 6mp. Dahua and also mobotix but these I do not integrate to HA.