Wake Screen

@Olymp It definitely is, but it is part of a broader feature set and have dependency on other related features that rely on platform data to change app behavior. So not sure when it is going to be released just yet.

I just wanted to remind you, suddenly the topic was lost :slight_smile:

If it’s difficult to turn on / off the screen on command from a remote platform, can it be easier to turn on / off the screen saver? That would be better than nothing :slight_smile:

Hi, thank you for the great app.

I am now in the process of mounting a tablet on the wall running this excellent app.

I hat everything setup in my mind to use another solution which had a MQTT sensor that can be used for various tasks. Unfortunately it is too slow and I gave up on that app.

My idea was to get the tablet’s battery status and enable the usb power supply only between 20% and 80% SOC through my home assistant automation.

Will this also be possible once the big feature will be available?

Thank you.

Both have some challenges. The on/off screensaver is something that might be released soon.

I look forward to it, thanks!

Any update on this?

No update?
@igor: If you now start with paid versions you should take more focus on keep this forum up to date and give feedback to users.
And if course listening to users and add the most wanted features. If it’s not possible or NOT on the roadmap you should communicate this as well.
Otherwise noone wil use this forum anymore…

@izeman in short, there is no update for this feature at this time. It is still something we want to do in the future, at least the on/off screensaver part of it.

For any idea, we let community to vote on it regardless, since some features might be infeasible from feature-set perspective, but might be worth it if there is a great need from the community.

Generally, I totally understand the desire to get more detailed status on any given idea, but it is hard to make these details public in a fluid development environment.
Publishing of roadmaps or any other forward looking plans varies from company to company, but majority choose to not them public. Inevitably any statement about future development is considered a promise by someone. So it would be unfair for us to make any promises that we can’t honor in the future.

I would always encourage any user to purchase license for the app at the time when they are happy with existing functionality when using free version, or if they want support any future development in principle.

I’m never clear why people want this feature? I’ve not had any issue with screens being on for most of each day, running for years.

I really want the simple scheduled on and off, to save energy, and the screen and battery, so they get some rest for those hours that the display will never be used, over night. I really don’t want to have to wait by a dashboard for it to see me and unlock and refresh the screen. Do other implementations of camera based wake to unlock really work that well? Most cameras are nowhere near the 180 degrees it would need to work as I walk towards the edge screen, not straight towards it.

Hey @igor it does appear that this feature is currently the highest voted request so hopefully you guys can work on it soon.

I would propose just waking the screen using an OpenHAB sensor rather than the camera. I have an alarm PIR pretty much pointing at my wall mounted tablet in the lounge so any movement would nicely turn on the screen.

For someone who wants to use the device camera I have seen many separate apps that allow motion to be detected and that to be sent to OpenHAB using MQTT or the API which in turn could then be used to turn on the screen using a sensor.

Yes, I agree. Taking action based on a sensor/data would be done first.

There already are app that wake up the screen from camera monitoring? Wouldn’t it be easier to choose one of them and see if those two can work together? And maybe add the API to give those apps access to Homehabit?!
Eg with Motion Detector : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=org.motion.detector

This reminded me to go back and try the Kiosk app I used to use when I hosted my own dashboard in a browser. Testing out Fully Single Kiosk App (I uased to use the browser version). It does have scheduled on and off which would work for me. Will report back later…

Update: seems to work for scheduled on and off on my old standard Android tablet. It also has a dedicated Fire HD 8 app which I am trying now.
Correction: it DOES seem to have camera based motion - trying it out now, probably just for night time so it wakes up if I happen to walk past it at night…

Update 2: camera motion detection is exactly as I thought - you just have to wait too long. Find myself just waiting a few seconds when already in front of screen before I see the dashboard and everything is loaded. I’ll be using scheduled off for nighttime, and always on the rest of the time. Likely to be useful for others though - I guess this just leaves the wake on sensor. However, I think you would need a lot of sensors, spaced quite some way from the device to make this useful. Just my personal thought. Worth anyone interested in a wake feature playing with this though.

Final update: fire HD 8 :frowning:
Without rooting, it is not possible to unlock the screen on fire HD 8, so Fully Kiosk app can’t do it, and neither would Homehabit sadly. So I can schedule sleep and wake, but wake goes to lock screen, not immediately back to Homehabit.

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Fully Kiosk and ActionTiles have this option. Just migrating over to HomeHabit and thats the main feature I feel is lacking.
Please add support for ability to wake from screensaver with motion.
Also custom screen saver, such as dakboard or slideshow, would be nice

I use Home Assistant to send a notification to my tablet whenever my hallway sensor detects motion (as that’s where my tablet is) which in turn wakes up the tablet. This happens due to an application called Glimpse Notifications.

It does the job and works perfectly.

Please tell us in more detail how to set it up? I downloaded the application but couldn’t figure out how to do it? And what application do you receive notification for?

7.0 release, on beta channel, has the new Rules feature available in HomeHabit Labs

I can’t find the option to enable rules? I have gone into HomeHabit Labs in the Settings, but don’t see rules. I have checked to see if the app needs updating, but it seems to be on the latest version (7.0).

@Connor_Thompson You would need at least 7.0 build 4895 for the rules feature. Rollout just started few hours earlier, so it might not be available for your device yet