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I want to get some feedback from the community on possible priorities for the future. Please vote in the several polls in the topic below.

Shortcut widget

The new Shortcut widget, requested by many users [1, 2], allows navigation between dashboards and dashboard pages with a single tap. Shortcuts can be configured with a custom label, icon, and color.

Integration updates


Govee integration connection issues, that started happening after Govee changed their API, should be fixed in this release.

TP-Link Kasa

Added support for light strip devices, includes models KL400, KL420, KL430.


Added support for switch, dimmer and smart plug devices. Refoss-branded versions of these devices also included.


Added support for smart plugs (both US and JP versions).

Other changes

  • fix: Dashboard fails to render if configured with a very large number of rows or columns in Remote Admin Editor
  • fix: Integration errors and retry duration not shown for some platform integrations during retry cycle
  • fix: Platform integrations now use exponential back-off when trying to reconnect

HomeHabit 38.0
Available starting Dec 12, 2022

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Great work @igor

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