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HI All,

Im a long time Imperihome user, but as this is now long dead im looking for a new tool to drive my Home Assistant/Openhab setup…

Anyway, i like the possibilities of HomeHabit but im looking for a feature which im sure must be there but i cannot find it…
How can i link from one page to another??
My design is that the first page is a bunch of links to other pages. So the first page is “Home” , then subsequent pages for “Family Room”, “Kitchen”, Bedrooms etc etc. The “home” page just has links directly to these pages, and all the other pages have switches for actuating lights etc.

Is this possible with HomeHabit?


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@Greg_Lions Welcome to the community!

Setting up links between dashboards/pages are not supported at the moment. However, this is planned as a future enhancement.

Thanks Igor. Appreciate your efforts and recall you launching this originally in the OH forums…

Any indication ( roughtly ) when this feature may be implemented?

I am also looking for this possibility… that would be very helpful!

I try not to give estimates for the future development as the only thing certain is that I would be incorrect :slight_smile:
The feature is on the list for this year. However, it was on the list for the last year, but there was a complication that prevented its completion. The plan is to revisit it later this year and see.


Hi Igor,

Any chance this will be added soon? I recently became a subscriber and hoping to use this in the near future. :wink:

@Greg_Lions Yes, there is a chance :slight_smile:

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A sneak peek…

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Thank you Igor :slight_smile:

Released in 38.0.

Thanks Igor. Works great!

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Happy to hear that!

Having an issue with shortcuts. Some pages work but most won’t. It will show as an invalid shortcut. Along with newly created pages. This is happening on multiple devices.

@Nextus There is a bug, so it can’t resolve some shortcuts, newly created pages are the most impacted. Fix should be coming in the next patch release.

@igor Thank you so much. This app is awesome. I have it running on 5 tablets and literally controls everything.

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@Nextus Thank you! I’m very happy to hear that :slight_smile:

Ah yes…i found the bug too… looking forward to the patch. Thanks Igor.

The fix is available in 38.2 version.

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