Community Feedback: December 2022 Edition

I want to get some feedback from the community on possible priorities for the future. Please vote in the several polls below, and comment with any other feedback.

Do you want HomeHabit UI translated in your language?
  • Yes, definitely!
  • No, I’m fine with English only

0 voters

Do you want to be able to install HomeHabit outside the Play Store (without Google Play Services)?
  • Yes, this is a must for me!
  • Maybe, not that important
  • No, I always use the Play Store

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Are you waiting for HomeHabit iOS release?
  • Yes
  • No

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I would love to see more ____ added to the app.
  • Integrations
  • Widgets
  • Other features (please leave a comment)

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Hope I am posting on the right thread. Love the app and here is what I would love to see added

-Bookmarks widget.

Same as shortcuts widget idea but the destination can be any URL and the width can be smaller and can be done without an icon because in smaller screens the shortcuts widget width can’t be adjusted to be smaller than default. Basically a button which can take you to a URL when you click it. Thank you.

Adding this : API so that you can send commands to the application from the outside

Merry xmas!

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