HomeHabit 15.0: LIFX and Govee

New integrations


Integrate variety of LIFX lights with the app. It is also possible to active LIFX scenes with the Action widget.


Personal access token is required for the integration. You can generate an access token in your LIFX Cloud account settings.

Available for Premium Plus


This integration connects to many smart lights and plugs from Govee.


Personal API key is required for the integration. You can apply for an API key in the Govee Home app. Navigate to Settings > About Us > Apply for API Key.

Available for Premium Plus

Other improvements

  • Improved dashboard menu layout on smaller screens (issue)
  • Improved search in item picker to include integration name in search
  • Support for protected motion sensors from Domoticz (issue, issue)

HomeHabit 15.0
Available starting August 29, 2021

A very good application . There is not enough ability to turn on the screen backlight when motion is detected by the built-in camera. Is this feature expected to be implemented?

Thanks @IvanB
That is something we want to do, but maybe later. It wasn’t high priority so far, since most people using this dashboard would already have some motions sensors, and those can be used in Rules to on/off the screen. Or some users mentioned using existing Android utility apps that provide that functionality.

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