Using first version Xiaomi Mijia Door sensors unsupported

I am using Xiaomi Mijia door sensors, the first model

They are not supported. Any change the first model is also supported.

I am also using the new models ( Aqara version) that are working fine.

@Mikeo What platform are you using?
Can you also upload debug logs from the Support screen in the app, few seconds after the app restart?


I am using Domoticz on a Raspberry and HomeHabit on a Android Phone.

I just send the debug logs.

When i want to add Xiaomi Door senor it is gray out and state: unsupported.

Hi Igor,

Any update for this.

@Mikeo The sensors should be available in the next release (15.0). Sorry for the late reply.


No problem and looking forward to it. Thank you.

Released in 15.0

Still getting unsupported for the door sensors after upgrade to version 15.1 (5018)

What is device type for those in Domoticz?
Are they marked as protected?

Yes they are protected in Domoticz.