Working weather forecast service?

Given the weather widget has a forecast option, are there actually any home assistant integrations that give the required data?
Ive tried several tonight and haven’t been able to get anything that gives the right weather symbol code and that gives the daily high temperature, rather than just the temp in 24, 48… hours from now, which is not a useful figure for a forecast. Why would I want to know that in 2 days time at 10 at night it will be 11 degrees C. I obviously want to know if 2 days time will be a generally nice day, wet day etc

@thisisdavidbell HA integrations that provide weather forecast as sensors are supported. Forecast from newer weather components is not supported yet. For example, DarkSky weather component can be configured to provide required data.

Thanks for the reply. Dark sky was only one that sounded like it might work, but given Apple take over, I figured here was no point even trying.

Hi @igor,

Could you explain what makes something valid for the condition id for weather please?
Buienradar Sensor for example seems to provide various sensors like the following:

- attribution: Data provided by 
- Stationname: Arcen (6391) 
- Measured: Mon Apr 20 09:10:00 2020 
- friendly_name: br 
- Condition entity_picture:

- attribution: Data provided by 
- Stationname: Arcen (6391) 
- Measured: Mon Apr 20 09:10:00 2020 
- friendly_name: br 
- Condition code entity_picture:

- attribution: Data provided by 
- Stationname: Arcen (6391) 
- Measured: Mon Apr 20 09:10:00 2020 
- friendly_name: br 
- Detailed condition entity_picture:

Almost fully clear (sunny/clear) 
 - attribution: Data provided by 
 - Stationname: Arcen (6391) 
 - Measured: Mon Apr 20 09:10:00 2020 
 - friendly_name: br 
 - Full condition entity_picture:

However, none of these are available when trying to bind to a forecast ‘Condition ID’.

However, I see an option to bind to openweathermap sensor. While the data from that sensor is shown below, HomeHabit shows the value as cloudy-partly-day, which isn’t shown below:

 weather.openweathermap	partlycloudy	temperature: 12.7
humidity: 8
pressure: 1014
wind_bearing: 63
wind_speed: 31.64
attribution: Data provided by OpenWeatherMap
- datetime: 1587384000000
  temperature: 14.6
  precipitation: null
  condition: sunny
- datetime: 1587470400000
  temperature: 14.1
  precipitation: null
  condition: sunny
- datetime: 1587556800000
  temperature: 15.7
  precipitation: null
  condition: sunny
- datetime: 1587643200000
  temperature: 17.4
  precipitation: null
  condition: cloudy
- datetime: 1587729600000
  temperature: 16.3
  precipitation: null
  condition: cloudy

friendly_name: OpenWeatherMap

There is no universal rule of how Condition ID can be mapped, because HA weather sensors are not standardized. Which also means that some weather components might not be fully supported.

Also, like in case of openweathermap, actual condition value shown in the app is a mapped value, which might be different from raw HA value provided. This is again done because values are not standardized.
Generally, it is either short textual representation of weather condition as a code, e.g. sunny, cloudy or a image symbol that can be reliably parsed.

For buienradar, it looks like it is not mapping correctly right now. sensor.br_condition probably would be the best candidate in this case. Will check on that.

Sorry, I just noticed that weather.home is providing forcast data, which is actually more useful to me (it seems to use my location), and it too doesn’t show up in HA as bindable for forecasts:

temperature: 17.3
humidity: 39
pressure: 1013.3
wind_bearing: 60.9
wind_speed: 27.4
attribution: Weather forecast from, delivered by the Norwegian Meteorological Institute.
- datetime: '2020-04-21T12:00:00+01:00'
  temperature: 16.9
  condition: partlycloudy
  pressure: 1015.4
  humidity: 42.6
  wind_speed: 22.7
  wind_bearing: 65.6
- datetime: '2020-04-22T12:00:00+01:00'
  temperature: 18.2
  condition: sunny
  pressure: 1019.6
  humidity: 40.1
  wind_speed: 18.4
  wind_bearing: 69.6
- datetime: '2020-04-23T12:00:00+01:00'
  temperature: 20.5
  condition: sunny
  pressure: 1019.7
  humidity: 42.5
  wind_speed: 10.8
  wind_bearing: 110.8
- datetime: '2020-04-24T12:00:00+01:00'
  temperature: 20.1
  condition: sunny
  pressure: 1016.5
  humidity: 41.4
  wind_speed: 5
  wind_bearing: 103.3
- datetime: '2020-04-25T12:00:00+01:00'
  temperature: 17.6
  condition: partlycloudy
  pressure: 1015.8
  humidity: 49.3
  wind_speed: 14.4
  wind_bearing: 149.6

friendly_name: Home

I may have a go at pulling the data out to individual sensors, but am still unclear what to build to make it work

Yes, whatever is inside forecast section is not supported yet.

If you tell me which weather sensor component you would prefer to use, I will check on it.

Thanks. Appreciate it. I’m trying to build some template sensors to pull the data from weather.home forecast array but whatever form Ive tried so far the condition id doesnt accept it.I guess you meant you literally have to map specific fields in Homehabit from specific integrations - just putting a string in a random sensor value or attribute isn’t enough.

The built in ha weather.home seems like it might work for UK, and looks like only weather integration that provides something like a daily high and isn’t just exactly 24 hours ahead based on current time.

Hmm, sorry for the unhelpful answer of ‘weather.home’. I haven’t got weather.home in my HA configuration.yaml so I wrongly assumed it was the default with default_config and so would be well known. However, it looks like I must have enabled at some point. The forecast doesn’t look a great match for local weather forecasts, so I guess its not covering the UK. I’m back to square one - no source of UK weather with daily forecasts. :frowning: