HomeHabit 11.0: Weather Forecast widget

Weather Forecast

The new Weather Forecast widget is replacing forecast mode in the existing Weather widget and brings several enhancements.

Colored icons

The new widget supports both daily and hourly forecasts, with refreshed colored weather icons!


When provided by integrations, forecast will also display chance of precipitation for each forecast period.

Wind forecast

The new forecast style available to elegantly display wind speed and direction forecast.


Existing Weather widgets in forecast mode will be automatically updated to the new Weather Forecast widget.

Other changes

  • Support for forecast data from Home Assistant weather component
  • Support for number group items from OpenHAB

HomeHabit 11.0
Available starting June 20, 2021

Will this be available for other platforms, besides home assistant and openhab?

It is available for all platforms that provide forecast data. Other platforms usually don’t provide weather forecast data, specifically Hubitat, as far as know.

Just to add, Premium Plus direct integrations with some weather services should fill this gap for users that use platforms without that capability. More details will be available when first Premium Plus integrations are announced.

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Perfect, I was about to ask for this. I’m excited to know all the future capabilities.

Hi Igor,

Sorry for bothering you, Could you advise me with one thing ,how it is possible to achieve, that looking on your screens, under one forecast binding, to see forecast for upcoming days , i tried under openhab with openwheather binding to do the same, but only it is possible with using custom method, by adding individually conditions, like weather condition id , max/min temp etc…
Thanks in advance for tip



OpenHAB does not provide combined weather forecast data as far as I know, so each weather parameter would need to be added individually. That’s primarily the reason there is a custom method to add forecasts.

ok thank you for the prompt reply , this explains the matter


Loving this - finally multi day weather forecasts on my dashboards. Thanks.

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