User defined units and decimals

I think that user defined units or at least unit abbreviations (e.g.: “kWh” instead of “kilowatthours”) are really needed on tiles.

More decimals (3 are enough) is also needed, because there are a lot of tiles with numbers what are useless without them (e.g.: the unit of water consumption is m3 - but the normal daily consumption is 10-200 liters and that’s really invisible without decimals).


I use a widget to display local fuel prices, which do not need to be rounded so much, so a configurable Unit “Currency” would be nice, as would configurable decimals (e.g. 1,099 is rounded to “1” currently)

Happy customer of the app, great that you can now buy it (did already!)

Bye, Frido

Agreed. I just want to add ºC, but I seem to have to have DEGREES, or nothing.

9.0 release will have configurable number of decimal places for Gauge and Value widgets