HomeHabit 30.0: A little bit of everything

Another release is here. Many requested improvements added. Enjoy!

Theming improvements

Themes have been improved to allow better control for individual styles.
Previous background primary/secondary/tertiary colors have been converted into background color and widget primary/secondary colors. Group widget background color and border color/widget are now separate from the other widgets.
There is also a new property to style navigation bar color.

These improvements allow creating some interesting dashboard color combinations and visually separate sections with group widgets.

Custom resources (Premium)

Custom resources is a new premium feature that includes custom colors and units. In this release, custom resources can only be configured through Remote Admin (JSON). UI editor will be added at a later time.

After custom resources are added, they can be used in place of regular colors and units anywhere, just by selecting it through respective picker. In Remote Admin, custom resources can be referenced using custom: prefix.

Here is an example of custom colors and units configuration:

  "resources": {
    "colors": {
      "moss-green": {
        "name": "Moss green",
        "color": "219,23,83",
        "enabled": true
      "turquoise": {
        "name": "Turquoise",
        "color": "176,100,90",
        "enabled": true
      "purple": {
        "name": "Purple",
        "color": "266,86,61",
        "enabled": true
    "units": {
      "ohm": {
        "unit": "ohms",
        "symbol": "Ω",
        "enabled": true
      "ampere": {
        "unit": "amperes",
        "symbol": "A",
        "enabled": true

Custom resources are available for all premium licenses.

Button widget

Button widget is a simple way to trigger a button press. It is similar to Action widget, but it does not require action state.
Several integrations have items that support buttons such as Home Assistant with input_button component, Roku, and more.

Donut widget improvements

Several new enhancements for Donut widget:

  • Updated layouts
  • Element order: fixed, alphabetical, largest first [1]
  • Element percentage in details view
  • Limit increased to 20 elements [1]
  • Units

Other improvements

  • Group widget - option to hide empty label [1]
  • Improved details popup for Scene and Security widgets [1]
  • Support for input_button component from HASS

Thank you

If you enjoy using HomeHabit, take a moment to write a review in the Play Store. That helps a lot!

HomeHabit 30.0
Available starting June 8, 2022

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Nice work team!

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