Unable to connect to the server

Just doing an evaluation with my android 8 phone. Trying to start app for the first time.

Picked HA platform…

Entered my url

dumped me to browser authenticate, to pick my user (on a trusted network)

Says Authentication Complete, return to app – that apparently is your webpage which equires internet connection :frowning: per Auth.homehabit.app?

push that button then an error " unable to connect to the server."

I have two other android ha clients. No issue connecting using them.

I have the mobile app integration enabled. It lists my phone via another app

Running HA 105.5

Btw, I use caddy for reverse proxy (SSL, Letsencrypt). This url is available both on my lan and on internet.

@dkebler Thanks for the bug report. Can you upload debug logs from Support screen after the error?

I used the ip address/port of my ha install and that connected. I’m guessing that my caddy server proxy isn’t passing something through needed by your authorization. I have both a local net and internet available subdomain pointing to the ha install but neither work

The optional remote url authorization fails after getting by the local ip connect. Eventually I’m going to need remote access. Can you tell me more details about how you authenticate so I can maybe change my proxy settings

@dkebler do you still have this connection issue?