Trying to use Home Habit with Home Assistant on an offline private network, which doesn’t have access to Internet.
When adding Home Assistant as a platform, authorization is required from Home Assistant but for some reason Home Habit wants to submit the whole auth process to a website named, which is not accessible because there’s no internet at that place.

Does this mean we can’t use Home Habit in offline environments?
And why is required to submit the authentication process to a public website? is used to redirect after successful authentication back to the app. That is standard flow for most common authentication (OAuth2) which is Home Assistant is using. It needs a webpage to do the redirect. Authentication itself is never submitted to a public website. Authentication is done locally by Home Assistant, the app never receives any credentials during this authentication process.

Given the above, I don’t think there would be a way to authenticate without any internet, at this time.

We have a local webserver at that place, plus we can do internal DNS, so we could point to our internal webserver within LAN. Can you please suggest some code how to do the redirect? Is there any special thing to do when the redirect request would reach the web server?

@Robi I’m not sure how well that would work given all the variables. Generally, supporting something like that would introduce additional restrictions, so I don’t think the app can support that at this time.

In your setup, is there a technical limitation to why internet is not available at that location?