Smaller screen only 2 columns - density issue?

I’m using a Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini as a re-purposed control panel on the wall (removed battery, added a 4V power supply soldered directly to the pins, put on the wall - perfect for commanding Home Assistant).

I use a clean LineageOS ROM on it. It has 720 x 1280 screen resolution. Unfortunately Home Habit only allows 2 columns of widgets (when in portrait mode, and 2 rows only when in landscape mode). I tried to change lcd_density setting in build.prop but Home Habit still only allows 2 rows of widgets. A smaller lcd_density makes smaller UI elements in Android but here they don’t apply.

The phone would really take 4 columns of widgets without a problem. Any way to hack a bit the density?

@Robi can you post a screenshot from that device?

Here you go. Landscape mode, only 2 rows possible. Too big widgets.

It’s impossible to make the widget smaller than this.

@Robi can you update to the latest pre-release version (Beta 19, 4661) and take a screenshot of Support > Debug information screen?

On Play I only see Beta 18 available only.

Oh ok. I was thinking you were subscribed for pre-release versions.
Beta 19 should be available for everyone soon then.

Here you go.
Widgets still too big.

@Robi Thank you for the info. Will check.

@Robi Also, can you confirm that dashboards were created after any changes to density of the device, if any?
Dashboard grid size is calculated at creation and doesn’t change even when device density has changed.

Aaah no. I’ll go downstairs and check right away.

Thank you!

I changed density from default valuse 280 to 210 in build.prop:

On page 3 of HomeHabit tried to create a new widget but still too big.
Should I delete all widgets first? Maybe restoring app to all defaults would help?

Can you try creating new dashboard and just see how big widgets are in there?
The current limitation is that whole grid is fixed after dashboard is created (for all pages). The updateable density is something that is planned and it would solve the issue for existing dashboards.

Aaaah that was it! Much better now:

But as you can see, the sensor widget is resized nicely, while the weather widget is not.

That’s great!
Is that a weather or weather forecast widget that is not resized?

Generally, not all widgets support increased size (2x2 or more) like switches and sensors do. There is some work being done in that area to make things behave in the most expected way, but some widgets are just too complex to easily resize, so I’m not sure what will be the outcome just yet.

Yes that would be a weather widget. Which would look best in pair with the temp sensor widget on the left.

Can you screenshot weather widget config? It looks like weather widget, but with forecast layout, so I’m a bit confused.

Yes it’s showing weather for tomorrow. See below:

      "type": "weather",
      "position": {
        "x": 4,
        "y": 2,
        "width": 2,
        "height": 2
      "properties": {
        "label": "Holnap",
        "mode": "forecast",
        "temperature": {
          "binding": ""
        "condition": {
          "binding": ""
        "condition-text": {
          "binding": ""
        "elements": {},
        "forecast": {
          "18ipml4cp0i5j1n9zdbkqx8lan": {
            "period": "tomorrow",
            "condition": {
              "binding": ""
            "condition-text": null,
            "temperature": null,
            "temperature-day": {
              "binding": ""
            "temperature-night": {
              "binding": ""

First of all, a great app!

What’s the maximum number of rows/columns in a dashboard? Can I somehow change that number? 4 x 6 on a 10" screen seems like it could hold more.

@Slarti Glad you like the app, thanks!
How many rows/columns you currently have on 10" screen?