Smaller screen only 2 columns - density issue?

4 x 6 in landscape. By reading the docs I found out that I can change the config files. Would that work to get me a bigger grid?

Another question is the Home App option. What is the purpose of that? I was hoping that it would use the tablet’s home button to return to homehabit but not at least on a huawei m5 lite.

this seems to be really large for 10" device. Can you screenshot “debug information” screen in Support and post it here?
For now, you can change grid size manually through Remote Config Editor (enable in Settings), that way you can still modify widgets through the app.

yes, Home App option will allow to replace “launcher” on the device. After enabling it, you might still need to change default home app in device settings, if the device doesn’t prompt you when pressing home button the first time after enabling it.
If that still not working, maybe this is something that is not allowed on that device, based on Android OS modifications.

Here’s the screenshot

I’ll have a look if I can change the launcher. Thanks for your lightning fast responses!

@Slarti 4x6 actually is expected for that resolution. So, at the moment I would advice to use Remote Config Editor to modify grid size manually. 10 is a max for column/row value.

In the end it does have nice finger sized icons in that configuration. I wish you could define the grid size per dashboard because I have 7 apps that I would like to add to another dashboard as a ribbon. Small matter, I’ll get it sorted.

Got the launcher changed as well and the config editor works! Very nice work. This is with domoticz which seems to be quite well supported for an “experimental” beta.

The RGBW picker is really nice especially when I add a dimmer slider next to it. Best control for them so far (maybe some way to add more than 5 colors would be nice but this is great as is).

Now to find some way to mount this on the wall…

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Be sure to post some photos once you have it mounted :grinning:

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Sure thing. I’m considering buying a thin fast wireless charging base and receiver (like this charger) and printing a wall mountable base with magnets to hold the tablet. Will take me a while…:wink: