Shutter widget with 3 buttons?


I am testing Home Habit with Home Assistant and I like it, seems very promising !
But I have a question. I am using it to control my shutters but I am wondering if it possible to have a shutter widget with 3 buttons (up, down, stop) instead of one unique button which toggles direction and does not allow to stop the shutter in the middle.

I am using Fibaro FGR-222, Home Assistant 0.99.3 and Home Habit 1.0 beta 19.

Thanks a lot

@orgoz Happy to hear that you enjoy the app so far!

Shutter widget will display 3 buttons when configured in shutter mode and has 2x height

In integration with openhab middle Button not work. In touch middle Button shutter change the direction - not stop :frowning:

@Pawel_Pilasiewicz Can you give few more details about the configuration:

  • what type of openhab item is used?
  • what is openhab version?
  • can you post screenshot of shutter widget configuration?
  1. Item rollershutter
  2. 2.4
  3. !

@igor, thanks, I did not notice that buttons appears when resizing the widget. I was looking in the configuration panel.

But like @Pawel_Pilasiewicz, the stop button does not work neither with Home Assistant. It only change the direction.

Same here. The middle button should STOP the shutter movement when widget is in 3-button mode.
When in 1-button mode - it’s fine the way it is.

Using HomeAssistant and Dooya-style shutters through an RF bridge. Each shutter has 3 commands: UP, STOP and DOWN.

Igor do you repair Shutter widget 3 buttons? Still stop button not working.

Same here, up- and down-buttons both work, but there is no way to stop the shutter. So practically, it only allows to fully open or close the shutter :frowning:
Im using a qubino zwave shutter switch on hubitat, which works perfectly within hubitat.
Would be very nice if you could make a fix @igor as I want to migrate from Sharptools and dashticz to HomeHabit. But controlling my shutters is a must for the WAF.
Thnx in advance!

I’m getting the same issue with HA with both state/stateless covers.

It seems the middle button open/closes blinds rather than stops it.

The middle button works fine under LL.

Also, stateless covers won’t work with the 1x1 widget,
@GuidoG did you have any luck with your zwave shutters? are you using the 3 button widget?


I have the same situation with state/stateless covers managed by a VERA controller, as a workaround on Vera I created scenes to operate the stop button linked to virtual buttons, then in HomeHabit App y added those buttons beside shutter widgets, is no the ideal solution but it allows to stop covers while they are going up or down.

I don’t use a HA controller and don’t know how it works, but this workaround might work for you too.

I have a very annoying workaround to get some things going, but it feels very clumsy. Would be great if this was fixed.
For each of my shutters, I have a qubino shutter device and a virtual dimmer configured. with eventhandling, I synchronize them. I use the virtual dimmers in HomeHabit as widget. This is completely bogus, but I see no other way to make it work between Hubitat and HomeHabit.

any update on this? A stop button between the arrows would be perfect.

+1 :slight_smile:

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No more votes than this? To me the widget (command) is not usable without a stop button.

Same problem. Stop button not working. (openhab + KNX)


Any news on this?

Thank you

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Kind reminder :wink:

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