Sensor negative value not shown

I have an outdoor temp sensor. Now it’s -1.6 degrees Celsius. The “Value” type widget shows 1.6 in the main window. However when editing the widget, in the configuration, the value is correct, -1.6.

So it’s a matter of display, somehow minus sign gets lost.

Also, the precision is not respected. My sensors and Home Assistant show this as -1.62, HomeHabit shows just 1.6. Ith should show the same precision/resolution.
This is even worse at thermostats, where no decimal values are shown for temperatures at all.

I also have similar behaviour with negative numbers, but only when value is from -0.1 to -0.9 the minus sign is missing on widget (in configuration value is correct). When value is lower than -0.9, so from -1.0 the minus is visible and it is ok.
I’m using Homehabit with Openhab2 if this information is important.
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Might be related to device DPI or resolution.
I just observed that on my Samsung S5 mini with lower DPI screen the minus sign is shown, while in the same time on Samsung S2 which has higher DPI the minus sign disappears.
Same sensor from the same HomeAssistant platform on both devices.

I checked it out!

Number  test_minus  "Test Minus [%s]"    <temperature>


Switch item=test_minus mappings=[-0.1="-0.1", -0.9="-0.9", -1.0="-1.0",-1.1="-1.1"]

The result is exactly the same as you described!
-0.1 = 0.1
-0.9 = 0.9
-1.0 = -1.0
-1.1 = -1.1

The bug with missing minus sign on values there -1 < value < 0 has been fixed for the next release.
Thank you everyone for providing detailed information!

@Robi Thermostat currently doesn’t support decimal values, this is planned to be added soon.