Beta 20: More widgets

We are happy to announce Beta 20 release. This version adds several new widgets and provides important improvements for existing functionality.

Please try it out, and share your experience or any feedback with us.

We want to hear from you!

We would love for you to share your experience and your unique smart home setups. Any posts, comments, screenshots or videos are highly appreciated. Please share it here.

Weather Radar widget

This new widget shows a weather radar overlaid on top of a map, based on chosen location and map zoom. Radar data is refreshed every 10 minutes.

Weather radar allows zoom in/out interaction for better consumption.

Horizon widget

This widget will display current location of the sun or moon over the horizon. The graphic allows you to easy consume information about rise/set times, current sun/moon position and remaining daylight.

High urgency state

This new state allows you to visually prioritize important information and device changes on your dashboards. Any state of device that needs to draw immediate attention will be displayed with distinct color and animation. Such states might include an unlocked garage door or triggered motion sensor when house is not occupied, or remind you that today is a trash day!

Custom colors in Calendar widget

Highlight your events in calendar with custom colors for a quick grasp of upcoming events. This feature allows you to assign a color for all events from a single calendar.

Configurable location and zoom in Map widget

New widget configuration options will allow you to constantly observe a chosen portion of a map in your dashboard, which is great for watching for traffic around your home location. The map can still be moved and zoomed in and out on demand, and will revert to default location when dashboard is opened.

Ability to upload debug logs in Support

This feature will help us to weed out bugs more efficiently. As there are many types of devices, it is often hard for a development team to reproduce bugs or unpredictable behavior experienced by different users. Therefore, we added ability for users to upload debug logs directly from device for investigation. If you do upload logs, please contact us at to provide additional information about the issue.

Logs will be used strictly for an issue investigation and will be deleted right after.

Various bug fixes

  • Screen saver sometimes fails to start after dismissal
  • Screen saver starts while viewing camera live view
  • Negative values between 0 and -1 are not displayed correctly in Value widget (community topic)
  • Binary sensors are missing when binding Room widget elements

Platform specific changes

Home Assistant
  • Thermostats without modes from Home Assistant are not qualified correctly (community topic)
  • Support for protected locks and switches (as sensors)
  • Support for media player devices
  • Sensor devices missing from Item Picker
  • Fix for reconnect issues for some devices
Google Calendar
  • Fix for connecting problems when using calendars created in certain timezones

Hi Igor. Thanks for the new version which I was testing as beta already.
The weather radar is nice, but handling is a bit difficult. As you swipe left and right to move between tabs, when you do that you move the map if you are on the weather widget and not move to the next tab.
Any idea how to solve that?

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i met with this same issue,
Regards, Slawek

Awesome great work

How does one upgrade though .??

I’ll see what can be done about that. Maybe an option to disable map touch.

Thank you! It might take up to 24 hours for Play Store to roll out the release to everyone.

For the Horizon widget, what sensor do I have to configure in Home Assistant in order to be able to bind it?

In OpenHAB I use the sunset and sunrise time taken from the astro binding.
But any date/time string will do I believe

I tried to, but HomeHabit doesn’t show it, that’s why I was asking. Maybe it needs some kind of dedicated type of sensor.

@Robi it looks like sun component could work as data source for Horizon widget, but it is not supported yet by the app. Will be added.

@Robi Support for sunrise/set times from sun component has been added in a patch release - Beta 20 (4715). It could take up to 24 hours to distribute.

It works, thanks.

HI Igor

i just wondering about upcoming new functions,would you please share with us a road map , but anyway great job so far !Thanks