Roku static ip

How do I set my roku to a static ip it keeps changing and unlinks my roku buttons and I have to go in and re add it

@JosephTroudt That should be the same as for your Philips Hue, set at the router.

For the philips hue I was able to set static in the app but couldn’t find it in the roku settings anywhere

Most of the devices do not support setting static IP by itself. My suggestion is to do it at the router level, then you would have it all in one place. Which router do you use?

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I use a netgear nighthawk it’s a bit older

This is what I see someone suggested in Netgear community:
In router admin, go to Settings > LAN Setup, then click Add under Address reservation. Static IP would be assigned by device mac address.
Roku mac address should be displayed in Roku device settings.

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