Philips hue unlinks

After my internet goes out my Philip’s hue and roku unlink ank I have to add a new philps hue in integrations and re link everything it’s a massive pain in the *** anyone have any idea

I couldn’t reproduce this behavior so far during testing by just unplugging philips hue bridge to simulate lack of internet.
When it happens the next time, can you enable debug mode for Hue integration (actions menu in Integrations) and upload debug logs from Support screen right after?

I’ve hit the debug. What else do I have to do?

@JosephTroudt After that, just upload debug logs in the Support screen.
Integration debug mode is only enabled for 20 minutes, so it is best to enable it again right before uploading the logs.

Just happened again my wifi went out and came back on philips hue unlinked. Just submitted debug log

@JosephTroudt Is your philips hue hub on a static ip address? In the logs it shows that it does not get any response from defined ip address.

Not sure. How would I even change that. I did notice that the ip address did change so when the internet goes out I guess for some reason it changes ip. But when I go to edit and it says click the philips hue button to sync ip. That function does nothing I can hit the button all day and hone habit don’t resync the ip

You would need to assign static ip address in your router.
It is generally recommended to set a static ip address on your network for all hub-like devices to avoid these connection errors. The app can only connect using provided ip address, if address has changed, it has no way to call philips hue hub anymore.

Ah. Thanks I found where in the app to set static it was on dhcp

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