One feature you would like to see next year in HomeHabit

What one feature would you like to see added to HomeHabit next year (2022) the most?

If you like someone’s else feature, :hearts: it as well.

Danalock would be great.

I’m using Danalock zigbee version with Danalock gateway.

I would like to see the following feature. Maximize the camera widget window when the user defined switch is set to “ON” and minimize the camera window again when the switch is “OFF”.
I would use this function with motion detection.


The biggest hole in my home automation is still the front door camera. My current non ir camera isn’t much good anyway, and has no stream usable by HH. Nest doorbell won’t work in Home Assistant or HH. Ring would bring up the app if doorbell pressed I think but also not integrated nicely in HA or HH. Can’t find a generic RTSP ir front door camera. But if I could, switching to a page or widget when a HA switch goes to on, for example, would be killer.

Unrelated, (are we allowed 2 ;-)) I’d like to tie actions to read only widgets. I. E. Clicking on a temp gauge or lights widget could take me to the HH page with more relevant widgets, such as a page showing me all lights in the house.

I have a tablet in my kitchen with a screensaver app that shows family pictures from a windows share, if Homehabit could do this, I could get rid of the other app. Basically all of the appliances in the kitchen have clocks, don’t need another one on the tablet. Having it switch from screen saver to camera with a motion senser switch from Domoticz would be great as well.

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I would love to see the ability to set min and max on sliders for lights.

@Nextus Can you give some more details on your use case?

The screensaver widget can now show images from a PHOTOS integration. @Igor I wonder how hard it would be to add a new PHOTO integration that can be pointed to a UNC network share and display photos from there?

one clic on one icon and open a little windows with many icons. it’s a group.

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I’d love to have the backdrop change every X minutes, based on a folder with images.