HomeHabit 24.0: Just integrations - Part 2

Definitely the last release of the year! Enjoy.
Happy New Year!

Next year

What one feature would you like to see added to HomeHabit next year the most?
Make your comments in this thread.


Quite a few new integrations in this release:

Some integrations don’t have support for all devices yet. Those will be added in the following releases. Please comment if there is any specific device that is missing.
Also, Wyze integration does not support two-factor authentication yet.

All new integrations available for Premium Plus

Screensaver - Random Clock

The new screensaver layout that randomly moves clock around the screen.

Other changes

  • Fix: Met.no integration shows heavy snow for some rain conditions
  • Fix: Some RSS feeds do not work with RSS integration
  • Fix: News widget cannot be selected using RSS feed item when creating a new widget

HomeHabit 24.0
Available starting December 31, 2021

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