MQTT support?

maybe a way to support MQTT that I can build my home automation fully in node-red.

@schieska Can you provide more details on how you use MQTT? What kind of data are you sending through and such.

MQTT support might be the single biggest enhancement possible for touch panel type displays. In this case it could allow mostly for local control, as well as broadcasting certain device data.

You would implement a MQTT client, that would connect to a mqtt server ( for example has two built in options). You would then potentially implement the following topics:

  • State (wake-state) [on/off]. Topic will both publish and subscribe, allowing for the state of the screen to be used in other automations, it would then also allow for remotely waking up the screen.
  • Page (current dashboard page) [pagename]. This would allow you to know what page the screen is on, and also allow remotely selecting the current page on screen
  • BatteryLevel [percentage]. reporting the current battery level of the device
  • Motion. [detected/clear] Utilise the camera and report motion

These are just ideas off the top of my head, but implementing this would effectively open up huge potential for remotely controlling/monitoring the device, using a well known and widely used model. Also many HA systems already implement MQTT integration

Is this future on the roadmap? It would be a game changer I believe to be able to use MQTT features with HomeHabit! Any news would be much appreciated.
Thanks in advance!

It would be really great if it was possible to switch to a specific tab based on a MQTT topic (with Tasker / MQTT client i.e.). That way you can show for example a specific camera if movement has been detected on that camera.

I think this would make home habit a perfect solution.
Having both MQTT/REST sensors and remote MQTT commands would be very useful. WallPanel does a great job of this if you need to look for inspiration.
Some potential scenarios:

  • display camera feed (for example, when camera movement detected) (already mentioned above)
  • display specific widget (for example, open alarm widget when door sensor activated)
  • speak message using TTS
    Having customisable topics for each device/scenario would also be very useful