HomeHabit 16.0: MQTT


This release adds MQTT integration. This was one of the most requested integrations by the users.
Integration supports any MQTT broken over TCP or SSL connection (with a valid certificate).

In this release, most of single binding widgets like switch, sensor, light are supported. While some complex widgets like thermostat will be added later.

Available for all licenses

Screensaver improvements

  • Show image date and location information, if available
  • Configurable transitions for image collections: crossfade and slide
  • Burn-in protection clock movement is now available for all screensaver configurations

Other improvements

  • Fix for Weather Forecast widget incorrectly showing hail condition icon

HomeHabit 16.0
Available starting September 26, 2021

HomeHabit 16.2

  • Fix for an error when trying to save Sunrise Sunset, Met.no or any other weather integration

HomeHabit 16.3

  • Fix for an issue with updating location property in Integration Editor for Met.no, Sunrise Sunset and some other integrations

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