Locks reversed with Domoticz integration

I am using homehabit with the domoticz integration.
versions: homehabit 28.2, android 10
domoticz 2022.1, Raspian Rpi Linux
I added a couple of my deadbolts to homehabit and they are reversed from what domoticz displays (and to the physical state of the lock). Also, when I select the lock icon on homehabit, it does not actually toggle the lock from open to closed (or vise-versa), but insead just flashes.
I see there is a ‘reverse’ setting, but that only seems to reverse the ‘active’ color, not the text and icon display. I am trying to transition from Imperihome and they had similar problems and solved it by providing a ‘reverse’ option for widgets that revresed the state it detected.


also, I have a door sensor on that door to detect if it is closed. that seems to be messed up even more…it is inverted, but the icon, which it opposite homehabit’s text, is correct.

@sundansx Thanks for reporting these issues.

Lock widget issue will be fixed in the next patch release.
Sensor widget will also have correct state after that fix. However, the icon behaves differently from the lock widget, since it is a static icon configuration, it won’t change with the state.

Also, if your locks are protected, you will need to re-bind items to the widgets (binding will be highlighted if there is an issue).

great, thanks. I will keep an eye out for the fix.

The fix is out now in 28.4 release.

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