HomeHabit 28.0: Fibaro added. MQTT improved

The focus of this release is integration improvements. Also, annual subscription for Premium Plus is now available. Enjoy!

Fibaro integration

By popular demand, Fibaro integration has been added in this release.
Most of the Fibaro devices are supported right now. There are some challenges to support small number of devices, especially ones that are not available globally (e.g. heat controller). If any of your devices are not supported yet, please send a message to support, or post in the community.

MQTT integration improvements

Many improvements have been made for MQTT integration:

  • Requirement to have unique subscribe topics for each item has been removed
  • Ability to filter subscribe payloads. This will allow to support services that send item updates on a single topic
  • Support for JSON payloads for subscribe topics
  • Support for template payload for publish topics
  • Converters - additional payload processing using regex or simple math
  • Item limit is raised to 200

Home Assistant Shopping List

Added support for Shopping List component from Home Assistant. It integrates nicely with Tasks widget and provides real time updates.

Premium Plus annual subscription

You can now subscribe to Premium Plus using annual subscription for $30 per year, that gives you 2 months free comparing to the monthly.
Ability to switch from monthly to annual for existing subscribers will be added later.

Other features

  • Dashboard cycle mode - cycle through pages at a configured interval
  • Screensaver - ability to use system-default brightness
  • Unit picker - units are categorized for easier selection

Bug fixes

  • Correct processing of non-color bulbs for Philips Hue integration
  • Philips Hue integration might loose bridge pairing after changing some Settings

HomeHabit 28.0
Available starting March 6, 2022

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Version 28.4:

  • Fix: Domoticz - lock devices have inverted state and cannot be controlled

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