Light dimmer setting to over 30% doesn't work

Hi there! I have some strange behavior on all my wall-mounted tablets running homehabit 16.0. When I try to set lights with a dimmer to any value above 50 it jumps back to 30, sometimes 35, other times 39 percent. I’m using Philips hue dimmable lights with a Zigbee stick running zigbee2mqtt software.
Please find a video here, where I show the behavior.

Thanks in advance for looking at this for me!

@DenielTorres What is Android version on that device?

Hi @igor! One of them runs on 7.1.1, and the rest runs on 7.0. Thanks!

Can you also confirm which exact HomeHabit version it runs, including build number?

Sure, no problem. So I can see all of them run the 16.0 (5022) version.

Hi @igor! Any update on this one? Thanks in advance!

@DenielTorres not yet. I cannot reproduce it on testing devices, so more time needed to find what could be causing that.

Alright, thanks! No pressure just curios :slight_smile:

The issue is fixed for the next release.

Just out of curiosity, in your video, why each dimmer/widget has a different country name? :slight_smile:

Appreciate the help!

Yeah, great question :grinning: So what we did instead of naming our lights and other smart electronics roomname and a number, we had come up with a country name for each device and a region/continent for rooms or a group of devices. So, for instance, the kitchen is Scandinavia and it has lights such as Norway, Finland, and Sweden. It helped us to memorize lights easier for sure. Thanks!

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Fix released in HomeHabit 19.0: All about cameras.

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Works great! Thanks for the fix!

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