HomeHabit 19.0: All about cameras

This release is all about cameras.
New camera integrations include both generic and brand-specific cameras. Camera streaming is also improved and should better support various video formats.
Enjoy the release!

Huge thank you to everyone who bought Premium license, or subscribed to Premium Plus in the past couple of months. Your support is greatly appreciated!

MJPEG integration

Generic integration for any camera that provides MJPEG stream.
Most often directly connecting camera to the app provides faster streaming compared to using a proxy (like Home Assistant does internally).

Available for all licenses

RTSP integration

Another generic integration for any camera that provides RTSP stream. You would need to know provide exact RTSP and snapshot URL during setup, which is specific to your camera model.

Available for all licenses

Foscam integration

This integration supports majority of Foscam cameras, and automatically pulls video stream and snapshot image for provided camera address.
If you have a model that does not connect with this integration, please let me know.

Available for Premium Plus

Reolink integration

Another brand-specific integration that simplifies setup for Reolink cameras.

All Reolink cameras are supported, except battery-powered cameras and B800/D800/B400/D400/E1/Lumus.

Available for Premium Plus

Camera streaming

Previously available through Labs - Camera Streaming V2 feature - is now enabled for all users.
Improved streaming should better support various video formats, especially for cameras that use RTSP. There are number of improvements and bug fixes from the previous Labs version as well.

If you have any issues with the new camera streaming, you can temporarily revert back in Labs by enabling Camera streaming (legacy) feature. Legacy streaming is deprecated and will be removed eventually.

Other changes

  • Reduced buffering time when playing RTSP camera stream
  • Fix for Light dimmer not applying 100% state when adjusted from off state (Home Assistant)

HomeHabit 19.0
Available starting October 16, 2021

Can’t make the Reolink integration work. I write the ip, username and password, and after that it says connected for one second then the app crashes.
After restarting the app it tries to connect to reolink but crashes every time.

@miimaa Can you upload debug logs from the Support screen?
Does the app now crash on start without any actions?

@igor: Can you share the link to the documentation for this release? At docs.homehabit.app I couldn’t find how to setup the RTSP camera stream. When I try on my device I have no input field for the URL and can only select from existing integration items.

I figured out that I need to setup a new integration for the camera stream. Maybe it would be helpful for others to also mention this in the documentation page?

@michelm There is no specific new documentation for this release, since all new integrations just follow the existing pattern.
For RTSP you would need to add new RTSP integration and then those devices would be available for Camera widget.

Yeah, there are plans to add more in-app guidance to help with the setup and rely less on documentation. Most of the users don’t read that anyway :slight_smile:

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I did. Couldn’t get the app crash anymore after the update. Still having problems with Reolink integration.

Thanks for uploading. The error in the logs shows that camera stream ends unexpectedly, so maybe it pulls a wrong stream for that device.
What is Reolink camera model?

I have three Argus 2’s and one Argus 3 Pro.

Okay, looks like those cameras are battery powered, that currently don’t provide local stream in the same way the other Reolink cameras do (added warning to the original release notes).
I will see what could be done for those.

Do you use Reolink cloud?

Damn. I didn’t know battery powered are restricted.

Yeah, all cameras are registered to cloud.

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