Keypad for security widget

Is there a way to bring up a keypad to enter a passcode when arming/disarming an alarm in the security widget? I’m using an Alarmo integration in Home Assistant.

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Passcode should be requested in security widget already, based on the component configuration.
Can you post a screenshot of the entity state and attributes? Similar to this one: Alarm "Not Supported"

Same here. No exposed password item @igor

@Jesusmanuel80 Passcode property generally is not needed for HA users since alarm component already has built-in support. Whether or not item supports passcode is determined based on HA entity attributes. So I would need to see that to better understand the issue.

I use Alarmo on Home Assistant.

Can you provide screenshot of the entity state and attributes? Similar to the one in this post: Alarm "Not Supported".

Here it is

What do you see when you tap on Security widget when this item is bound to it?

I get a pop up with the Arm Home, Arm Away and Disarm options, the only one that doesnt work is the Disarm, because in home assistant it needs a password.

This configuration looks like it has required standard attributes and should request passcode by default, so it is strange that it is not working.
I would need test specifically with Alarmo component to see what could be the issue.

It’s already working, thanks man.

That’s great! Although, I’m still not sure why it wouldn’t work before :thinking:

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