ioBroker Items not showing / auto disconnect


I connected to ioBroker and the items are not showing.
I looked in the ioBroker Protocoll, and I see that the app is trying to connect and gets disconnected every time. Every minute or so…

I don’t know if its the app or the ioBroker who has a problem. I think the app, because ioBroker is working fine actually.

Thanks. :slight_smile:

@DickerPopo Welcome to the community!
Can you reload the app, so it tries to reconnect again, and then upload debug logs from the support screen in the app?

Hey @igor I’ve uploaded the debug log. You should’ve get it via Email.

And as I mentioned, the connection status in the app is “Connected” but the ioBroker shows me in the protocol that the app or logged in user disconnects all the time.

Basically this is my problem… imagine, under it the device (web.0 my smartphone) “connected” 2 times… but after 3 mins it disconnected and then it starts… Over aaagaiiin.

I’m glad for all ideas of how I could fix this problem. It’s annoyning aaahh

Thanks for uploading the logs. Did you have MQTT integration added previously that might have been removed?

I actually don’t even know what MQTT is except that I know it maybe has to do something with phone battery, sensors etc.

But I didnt added a integration MQTT no… neither did I remove something… I just added the web integration with the other Essential integrations for it. On mobile I can Login without a problem in my browser. But only the app wont show the items.


Maybe you can tell how you set up iobroker for the connection for HomeHabit Step by Step? So because I dont know if I did anything wrong…

does the error result in that the dashboard I log in just looks like that?
I actually set up the mobile dashboard… but my question is how I set it up, so that it works…

I’m freaking out :cold_sweat:

@DickerPopo Admin package in ioBroker should be enough. What admin version do you have?
I’m still unclear from the logs if disconnect maybe caused by something else, so looking into that.


please look into that. Because I like homehabit very much. Even if I couldnt really try it yet. But Id love to use your app. Yet its unusable for me… :frowning:

@igor you already find something? Or maybe can give me an explanation of which ip you exactly mean… because the normal ip adress I also log in on my pc to iobroker I can’t connect with homehabit, but in a seperate browser… weird.



@DickerPopo I don’t have an update for this yet. I might need to add additional logs, since there was nothing helpful in the logs. Should know more next week.