Introducing HomeHabit Premium Plus

Today it’s my pleasure to introduce HomeHabit Premium Plus.

Premium Plus builds on the existing HomeHabit functionality and will add some great new features. Premium Plus will enhance the app with seamless direct integrations to individual devices and services. It will also be available on the unlimited number of devices.

Premium Plus is an addition and does not replace existing Premium licenses. Premium will continue to focus on supporting best smart home platforms. All existing Basic and Premium features remain the same, with even more added in the future.

Premium Plus will be available to try for 30 days with a free trial for all users. Once the trial ends, you can continue using Premium Plus features for the launch price of $2 per month. As more features will added to Premium Plus package, the subscription price will gradually increase for the new users. All existing subscriptions will remain at relatively the same price for the life of the subscription.

We also continue to focus on user privacy. All user data will remain local to your device and there will be no need to create an account to use Premium Plus.

Basic, Premium and Premium Plus

All versions of the app will continue to exist and improve. Premium and Premium Plus allows us to continue to develop and support HomeHabit. Thank you to all the users who already purchased Premium license.

Premium Plus will be available for purchase in the upcoming weeks. More details about new integrations will be announced later as well.

Thank you!

We hope you enjoy HomeHabit and thank you for your support.

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Where can I see what premiun plus offer, I’m already a premium user.

Premium Plus will offer direct integrations with individual devices and services, something like Sonos speakers, Withings scales, or a weather service. First integrations will be added to the app in the upcoming weeks.
It will also allow using all existing Premium and new Premium Plus features on any number of devices with just one payment (connected to the same Play Store Google account).

Wow that’s nice, been able to use it with multiple devices connected to the same Google account. Monthly plan is a great option for you to keep growing the platform.

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When is going to be available?

Within a few weeks

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