HomeHabit 12.0: Screensavers, Premium Plus and more

Customizable screensavers

New screensavers feature provides an easy way to create and customize multiple screensavers.

Screensaver settings include:

  • screen brightness
  • clock format and layout
  • backdrop
  • slideshow (when used with image collection)

Other features such as calendar and weather are planned for future releases.

Starting screensaver with Rules

Rules (Labs feature) now also require specifying screensaver id when starting a screensaver. That gives an ability to start various screensavers on different event triggers.

Remote Admin

Remote Admin is the new configuration editor that can be used to change the app configuration from within a browser. New editor includes syntax validation to help avoid applying invalid configuration.

This release of Remote Admin is just a base. More features are planned for the future in the effort to allow configuration process without touching the device!

Note: Remote Admin has a different URL, please check your Settings.

New integrations

The following 2 new integrations can be used to add images to the app. Those images can be used as backdrops in screensavers (support for dashboard backdrop is coming soon).


Image integration allows adding image files and image URLs.

Bing Photo of the Day

Adds a daily photo from Bing, as well as a collection of photos from the last 7 days.

Premium Plus

Premium Plus is now available for purchase in the app. New integrations are coming soon.

HomeHabit 12.0
Available starting August 7, 2021

Is there any chance to make the clock fade out and fade in at a different location on the screen at a configurable interval? That’s what’s currently missing for me to actually use this feature.

@Flole Is this to prevent screen burn-in?
If yes - currently, without backdrop image clock will actually constantly move around in a small circle to prevent burn-in. That’s currently not enabled when backdrop image is loaded though.

Yes and no: It’s mainly because I really like the way that looks :wink: I like to have some (visible) motion in there and this fading out and in at a different location is quite relaxing to watch and not as “boring” as a non-moving clock.

Got it. I will add it to the possible features list and see how it fits with other screensaver settings.

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