HomeHabit iOS Preview 0.4

HomeHabit iOS Preview 0.4 is now available through TestFlight at https://testflight.apple.com/join/KbpFHzx0

Release Notes

  • Feature: OpenHAB integration with the following widgets:
    • Chart (Number items)
    • Command - send command to any item on a button tap
    • Countdown (DateTime items)
    • Image (Image items)
    • Number (Number items)
    • Sensor (Contact items)
    • Switch (Switch items)
    • Text (String items)
  • Fix: Standard Web widget not loading
  • Fix: Crash when using Home Assistant URL without a scheme (http/https)


Please send your feedback directly through TestFlight or just respond in this thread. Thanks!

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Thanks Igor, great work.
Got it connected to my openHAB server without issues. Can now start to play around with the widgets…

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@igor Any chance to lower the minimum required iOS/iPadOS version ?
Would really like to reuse some older, not V16 capable devices.

@hmerk What iOS maximum do you have on those devices?

E,g. iPad 4th Generation at iOS 10.3.3
Also have another one which is stuck at iOS 9.?.?

Apple has ended support for apps below iOS 11. So it is not longer possible for developers to release new apps or app updates for anything below iOS 11 through the AppStore. It’s not even possible to build an app for those old iOS versions on the current development software provided by Apple :neutral_face:

Thanks for checking @igor.
Sad that Apple made that decision and we now can throw those devices in the bin, even they could be still used for such things.

Edit: Would be great to lower requirements to iOS 15, as I have another two devices stuck there…

iOS 15 is under consideration.

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HomeAssistant integration doesn’t seem to work for local IP which is just http. Remote https url through nabu casa works.

Seems kinda basic but I can’t figure out how to drag widgets to move them?

#1 - I got so many HA entities…. Being able to search by name or id would help a lot when adding widgets.

#2 - A way to hide labels entirely would be nice.

#3 - Had to try the history widget… can never get anything to show though… any tricks?

Drag and drop will be added soon.

Will be added.

Do you see any history in HA for those entities? Do you see completely empty widget or chart is there, just empty?

Entities are now searchable in iOS Preview 0.5

Did you include the port (8123) in the local URL?

Widget drag and drop is available in iOS Preview 0.6.

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