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HomeHabit iOS Preview 0.5 is now available through TestFlight at https://testflight.apple.com/join/KbpFHzx0

Release Notes

  • Feature: Domoticz integration with the following widgets:
    • Button
    • Camera
    • Contact sensor
    • Group
    • Motion sensor
    • Scene
    • Selector
    • Smoke sensor
    • Sun
    • Switch
  • Feature: Configurable dashboard density
  • Feature: Searchable device/entity/item picker in Widget Editor
  • Feature: Display identifiers in device/entity/item picker in Widget Editor
  • Feature: Improved dashboard haptic feedback
  • Feature: Improved focus flow in Integration and Widget editors
  • Fix: Dashboard menu has wrong offset position in edit mode


Please send your feedback directly through TestFlight or just respond in this thread. Thank you!

Just started replicating my Android Domoticz dashboards - looking good.

Looking forward to inclusion of temperature and custom / text sensors.

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How do I get a developer invite to install TestFlight.

@steve51158 You won’t need an invite. The app can be installed from this link: https://testflight.apple.com/join/KbpFHzx0

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