HomeHabit Anniversary + Special License

Today is the 7th anniversary of the first HomeHabit alpha release (known as Project Rotini at the time) :partying_face:

This is how it started…

It began as a project to scratch a personal itch for a more smooth user experience while using my smart home platform of choice at the time - OpenHAB. The app supported only single platform, had around 10 widgets, and everything was configured though a “special” syntax in OpenHAB sitemaps.
On December 24th, after a several months of working on the idea, the first alpha release was made available through a Google+ group (oh yes, that was a thing) and so the journey began.

Today, HomeHabit has dashboards that are fully-configurable through UI with more than 30 different widgets, integrates with over 50 various platforms and devices, provides themes, screensavers, and many other features.

Special License

To celebrate this occasion, a special Anniversary License will be available until the end of the year.
Anniversary license is a lifetime license with one-time purchase of $75, and it includes all Premium Plus features!

You can purchase the license using HomeHabit version 38.1 or later.

If you are an existing subscriber, after the new license is applied, make sure to manually cancel your subscription in the Play Store to stop auto-renewal.

Thank You

Huge thank you to everyone who supported the project for all these years and provided invaluable feedback. Yes, there are quite a few original users still around :grinning:.
Also, big appreciation to all the users who purchased any premium license - it helps to keep ongoing development, continue growing the app and building new and exciting features.

Merry Christmas!


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Nice work @igor I remember those days :grinning:

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Happy HomeHabit anniversary!

Wish I knew about Homehabit earlier, what a great app! Keep up the great work

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Is this the Sale! that’s referred to in the drop-down next to Go Premium in the app?

@scooter Yes, for Anniversary License.

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