HomeHabit 8.0: Custom themes

Custom themes

The new custom themes feature is a great way to add personal touch to a dashboard. With custom themes it is possible to customize variety of widget style properties including changing colors, adding borders or rounded corners.

Starter version can have up to 2 custom themes, in addition to the standard themes.
Premium users can create unlimited number of themes.

Custom widgets

This release adds Custom widgets feature available in HomeHabit Labs.
Custom widgets allow rendering a fully custom widget within existing dashboard. Custom widgets can show and act on any data available from the connected platforms. These widgets are written in JavaScript as Web Components.

:warning: This is an extremely experimental feature. Please make configuration backup before enabling this feature.

For more information about how to enable and create custom widgets: [Labs] Custom widgets.

HomeHabit 8.0
Available starting May 9, 2021

Just try it on my premium account in my smartphone and this happened.

Just to let you know, I resized my Dashboard on remote config editor.

This is the original without the custom theme:

@Jesusmanuel80 in remote config editor, how many rows and columns it shows for this dashboard?

3 rows, 6 columns

@Jesusmanuel80 will be fixed in the next build. You may need to update rows/columns in config again, if it is not correct.

Hi Igor,
don‘t see V8 in PlayStore, any issues ?

@hmerk It is a staggered rollout, so it might take time to reach everybody. Please give it additional 24-48 hours.

Arrived, Thanks!

As in one panel, have you applied two themes?

@Olymp that issue was not related to the themes, it just happened after dashboard has been edited to change a theme. Red overlay is generally shown when there are widgets that do not fit in the defined grid size, and this bug was changing grid to its default size after edit.

Thanks for the quick response! Did I understand correctly that the theme can only be applied to the entire panel? Do you need to use custom widgets to individually highlight any widgets?


I would not recommend using custom widgets just for a custom highlight.
What kind of individual widget highlight you have in mind?

It would be nice to be able to apply the theme to the widget rather than the entire panel.


Just as feedback, I notice that the slide colour (for a dimmer light switch in my case) isn’t configurable in a custom theme. Its always ‘HomeHabit’ blue.

Will be fixed in the next patch release

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I would love this option.

I would really like the following capabilities:

  • Change the text color (right now we can’t make a white theme)
  • Color for each individual tile (widget)
  • Add more icons to the library

I realise I too would like the on/off colour to be configurable per widget. An on light switch, heating active, open window, etc would work best with different colours. Yellow light bulb, default blue window, orange heating (keeping red for high urgency) for example.

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That’s cool man, I would really like that option too.

Individual widget styling would not be part of custom themes, since themes by design apply to a whole dashboard. Creating multiple themes to just change single widget color would be inefficient.
This should be a separate idea.

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