HomeHabit 31.0: Shelly Cloud integration

Shelly Cloud

Shelly integration has been requested by many users. This release adds the cloud integration with Shelly devices, while local integration is planned for later.

All Shelly devices are supported providing variety of sensor information and control:

  • Relay switches (including multiple channels and power meter sensors)
  • Plug&Play devices: plugs and light bulbs
  • Sensors: door/window, motion, flood and others

There are several limitations in this release:

  • Cover/roller configuration for relays is not supported
  • RGBW relays and light bulbs have an issue in Shelly Cloud API where most colors cannot be set

Available for Premium Plus

Other changes

Home Assistant

  • Support for button component [1]
  • Fix - Preventing sync error when lock component is in locking or unlocking state


Security widget can now bind to an OpenHAB String item. The following states are supported:

  • armed-away
  • armed-home
  • arming (transitional state)
  • disarmed
  • pending (transitional state)
  • triggered


  • Support for door state and battery sensors
  • Integration is now using cloud push for instant updates

Thank you

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HomeHabit 31.0
Available starting June 30, 2022

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