HA button entity bound to (button) widget

I have a button entity in HA but it seems that the button widget was not designed to bind to HA button entity.

How can I get a button (button widget or alternative) on HH bound to an HA button entity?

It seems HH can’t even see HA button entities (i.e. button.someid). They don’t appear in the items when creating a widget. No problem making a button in the lovelace UI so issue is not with HA.

input_button support was added in one of the latest releases, either 29 or 30. Make sure you’re updated.

There are actually two separate HA components input_button (manually created) and button (coming from integrations). The button component support wasn’t ready for the last release, so will be available in the upcoming one.

HA button entity is new so awaiting support in HH. THx.

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