HomeHabit 25.0: Widget presets, iCalendar, and more

This is a packed release with many improvements that will make dashboard setup even easier. Enjoy!

Widget presets

This is an improvement on the previous flow when creating widget from an item. With this release, right after selecting an item, the app will show you variety of available widgets that already preset with your data. It even works for complex widgets like weather, where preset already has all weather elements configured.
This reduces number of steps needed to create a widget and should make it much easier to fill up your dashboard.


Some widgets, like map or room, do not have presets and should be created through widget builder as before.

Item picker

Item picker also got several improvements. All items are now combined by integration into groups, that are collapsible and show number of available items.
Also, when binding an item to a specific widget property, the picker will show exact attribute available for binding for all items.


Continuing on the path to improve dashboard setup process - dashboard edit mode got couple of updates that have been requested by many users [1, 2, 3].

Duplicate widget

New widget actions menu has ability to quickly duplicate a widget. Copied widget will be automatically added to the same dashboard page, if there is available space.

Reorder pages

It is now possible to reorder dashboard pages right from the app UI.
To reorder, select Reorder pages option in dashboard actions menu. Then, simply move page left or right with the provided controls.


Calendar widget has a few improvements and a new calendar integration.

Calendar widget

Calendar widget will now display month/year markers to provide clearer view of events when there are large gaps.

iCalendar integration

The new iCalendar integration is a great way to display calendar data from any publicly available calendar or services that do not provide specific API. Any calendar in ICS format is supported.

This also makes possible to integrate iCloud Calendar by sharing it through a public link in Apple Calendar app.


iCalendar integration available for all licenses:

Basic - 30 minutes refresh
Premium - 10 minutes refresh
Premium Plus - 10 minutes refresh

Other changes

  • Fix: Dashboard menu not visible after screen rotation while in edit mode
  • Fix: MQTT integration shows the same icon (switch) for all item types
  • Fix: Widget Editor should confirm before going back to the type/preset picker when new widget draft has edits
  • Fix: Item picker loads with the first few items cut off in Widget Editor

HomeHabit 25.0
Available starting January 31, 2022

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This update is awesone, thank you.
I have a problem with the month format of the calendar, it’s only number of the month.

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@djpostka What locale/language is on that device?

It’s french

@djpostka That’s strange, French locale should work.
Can you give more details about the device: brand/model and Android OS version? Thanks

Same issue with the Google Calendar integration. The month is only a digit.

Samsung A7. Android 11. English (US)

Xiaomi Redmi Note 9S / Android 11
Samsung Galaxy TAB 2 10.1 / LineageOS 14.1 / Android 7.1.2

Same problem on each device.

Same Problem.
language french.
lenovo m10 android 11

@djpostka @HHnewb @schumi23
Thanks for providing the info. Issue has been reproduced, and the fix is in progress.

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Fix for month markers in Calendar widget is available in version 25.1 (rolling out right now).

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It’s working great now, thank you for your reactivity and your works.

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superb. congratulations for the work and the speed of reaction.
thanks again.

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Hello, @igor fantastic work with iCalendar support, which I was been waiting for a long time and this waiting is now over!

Is there any restrictions on the ics file? I try to add my exported ICS file from the nextcloud calendar, but I always get the text “Error” (after the calendar name on the Integration tab) followed by “Retry in X seconds”, etc.

The URL for this ics file does not contain any specials, https://<nginx_server>/www/calendar.ics
This ics file is accessible via browser, wget, curl … and has ~640kB size…

Does HH contain a debug protocol to see what’s wrong (I didn’t find it in Settings)?


@staro Thanks!
There is no specific restrictions, except for recurrent events that are not supported yet, but it should not cause an error. It is most likely a parsing error, unless there is a connectivity issue.
Can you restart the app, or disable/enable integration, and upload debug logs from the Support screen right after?

@igor upload done. only active integration is iCalendar

Ok, it is a data parsing issue, but it is unclear why though (the app does not log actual ics data). Appears that there is no events where expected.
Is it possible for you to share maybe a file for an example calendar from nextcloud (without any personal info). I’m wondering if it has something to do with nextcloud.

So I tried to add a nextcloud calendar without personal appointments (calendar with waste collection dates) and still without success but this calendar contains recurring events only
Then I created calendar with only 3 events without a recurring event - it works, so I tried to add one recurring event in the “working” calendar and it is working too :face_with_monocle:

I notice that header of booth ics calendar file is almost the same, but in working example is VTIMEZONE besides.

Not working:

X-WR-CALNAME:Odpad (Radek)


X-WR-CALNAME:default (obrazky)


@staro Would you be able to share full non-working ICS example (including part inside between VEVENT) through DM message? I tried testing with that format using test events and it works as expected :expressionless:

@igor sure, in a few hour… I’m not near PC right now.
DM = direct message I suppose ? :slight_smile:

Yes, thanks!