Duplicate a widget

With lots of motion and door sensors it would be great to be able to duplicate a widget and then just change it’s properties.

and also drag the widget from one panel to another

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Yeah I got caught out with not being able to drag to another panel :frowning:

This would still be a great feature and sounds like it should be easy to implement?

I’d like this - I use the same 5 temperature sensor thresholds for all my temp sensors, and I often have 6 on a dashboard. It takes a lot to add these, min and max, etc for each. I also have a number of dashboards, but not sure if it could be shared between dashboards given the client only tech. I also can’t just copy and paste the thresholds between widgets in the same dashboard using the editor, as the ids have to be different I presume (it fails).

Must admit that while I thought dragging from one panel to another was only a tiny time saver, I tinker and change my dashboards so much I would really like it actually.

FYI, there is an ‘Idea’ you can vote on for the dragging widgets between views for this: Move widgets between screens

Can you give an example of what copied configuration failed?

not that easy unfortunately :expressionless:
But, this is definitely something I want to add, and it is much closer to be possible.

Embarrassingly, no, I can’t. :wink: I just tried it again and it worked. I guess either there was a fix, or more likely I inadvertently messed up the yaml, but couldn’t tell. Sorry. Very pleased this works though - should save me and others a bunch of time in the future.

No problem.
Generally, all ids in config can be copied. The only exception is bindings, since those have platform id reference in it and it should match whatever platform id is on that device.

Duplicate widget functionality has been added in 25.0 release.

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