HomeHabit 20.0: Media widget - refreshed

Media widget

Lots of requested improvements for Media widget added this release.
The widget layout has been updated to better accommodate album cover art and the new functionality. As always widget layout adjusts to its size and shows as many components as possible. For smaller sizes (2x2 and smaller) tapping the widget will now open a popup.

New Media widget properties

  • Label
  • Album text
  • Duration
  • Position
  • Volume
  • Volume mute
  • Buttons

Extra buttons

Up to 2 extra buttons can be added to the layout. There are number of common predefined button configuration, but there is a custom option as well.

Thank you

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HomeHabit 20.0
Available starting October 23, 2021

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Woo hoo, nice work @igor!

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Thanks @TommySharp. I was just about to ping you about this, you wanted these changes since forever :slight_smile:

How do you manage to have the volume and the mute? as well as the square and not round image? I don’t know how to do it. thank you.

Is this caused that I am in version 19.1?
I have not yet received an update to version 20.0

Yes, that functionality will be available after the update to 20.0 version. It will take a few days for release to roll out to all users.

Excellent work, well done! 1 question if I may: would it be possible to add source selection somehow? I have plenty of Alexa devices around the house, it would be great if I can select any of them, or the pre-made groups to play music on. Thanks!

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@DenielTorres Thanks!

Yes, it’s planned.

ok it’s good, i have the update. all it’s all right. thanks…

is it possible to fetch a playlist?

@Schumi_homeassistant which integration/component do you use?

it’s mini-media-player with sonos

@Schumi_homeassistant connecting to Home Assistant?


Have you the info for me ? i’m on home assistant.

Selecting source from HA media players is already supported using Scene widget. However, it looks like HA does not report currently selected source for Sonos integration (maybe some others), so it cannot be properly recognized.
Will need to check on this more.

ok, it’s good… it works.

Thanks. :wink:

@Schumi_homeassistant Support for Sonos source selectors is added for the next release.

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