HomeHabit 2.0: Tasks widget

Tasks widget

The new Tasks widget is great to display any kind of task list. It can be used as a todo or a shopping list to easily check off items. Tasks widget is available in HomeHabit Labs.

The widget also supports combinations of multiple lists. Each list can be color-coded for easier categorization.

Google and Outlook Tasks integrations

Google and Outlook Tasks are the two new integrations that can be used with Tasks widget. Both integrations are also available in HomeHabit Labs.

Integrations automatically refresh the data when the app is open, with the following intervals:

  • Google Tasks - every 10 minutes
  • Outlook Tasks - every 60 seconds
Note on Outlook Tasks

Both Outlook Tasks and Microsoft To Do can be used with this integration.

These changes are available in 2.0 version that will be rolling out over the next week.


Iā€™m clearly missing something obvious, but having enabled Tasks (and tried calendar too), there is no Google or Calendar under platform, or anywhere else I can find in the app. How do I add Google as a source so it finds the tasks or calendar please?

@thisisdavidbell did you also enabled Google Tasks integration in HomeHabit Labs?
Tasks widget and Google Tasks integration are separate Labs features, so you would need them both enabled.

Yup, clicked in Homehabit labs and selected them.

@thisisdavidbell can you try fully restarting the app?

Restarting app and phone (and tablet) had no effect. Neither show calendar or google

Looks like there is a bug. Can you enable Google Calendar integration as well, that should show Tasks as well.

Thanks. Adding calendar and restarting worked.
Looks great. Hope there are plans for task creation too