Home Habit is not changing the status / returning a wrong status

i am a new HomeHabit user.

i’ve uploaded in Video in case that people want understand what i’m trying to say.

Homehabit is not changing the state of my hue lights like it should.
I’m using hassio and the state in hassio is being changed correctly. While it jumps back from “Turning off…” to “On” in HomeHabit. It’s being shown correct as “Off” or “On” in Hassio.

I am having that problem with all my android devices (9, 10 (tested 3 different devices).

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@Roland_S welcome to the community!

Do you know if you reopen the app, does state set to correct one?

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Just checked. Yes, it shows them correctly.

EDIT: And thank you for welcoming me!

That’s good to know. There are few possible issues with that:
(1) there might be a bug in the app. If it is happening occasionally, that likely the case. Sometimes, when state confirmation does not come back within short period of time, widget can get stuck. Will check.
(2) HA live updates are getting slow for some reason. Just to note, that HA UI is using different API from HomeHabit, so if there are any issues within HA, it might not be the same across all APIs.

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Thank you. Good to know that you’re looking for the cause!

I’ve just seen a problem with a switch for the first timer (as far as I am aware). I have template switches for controlling Harmony. I pressed the switch on one dashboard, and it worked as expected. However, when i looked a few minutes later, the dashboard showed the switch as incorrectly off. The other dashboard I walked past correctly showed it as on. I used that dashboard to turn off the switch.

Hopefully this is something that can be fixed soon. The minute I cannot trust a switch to tell the truth every time, all my switches and checks are useless.

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I can confirm that this bug has been reproduced (at least one case of it). Fix is in progress.

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The new beta release 1.9 (4808) should be fixing this issue. It is rolling out now on beta release channel.

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