Home Habit disconnects from the Hubitat Hub

Hello friends, I have a problem with my Home Habit panel, I have it installed on an android tablet, after a while it starts to disconnect and connect to the Hubitat hub, therefore it stops working, and after 24 hours it disconnects for full Hub Hubitat, in that case I have to close the app and open it.

I have tried with version 33 and 38 and it does the same. My hub is a Hubitat C7

Any idea of what could be happening, this dashboard is the one that best suits what I need,



@ccsnano It’s hard to say what could be the reason, since it seems it can generally connect fine at first. After the disconnects start to happen, can you upload debug logs from Support screen?

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Hello, thanks for answering, sorry for my mistake and the other topic

Where do I get the debug log?

Another detail that I can give you is that the screen where I run the board is Android 8.1

For debug logs - in Navigation Menu (drawer), select Support, then tap Upload Debug Logs.

Hello Igor, I am going to proceed to download the debugging and I will post it here as soon as possible, thanks for your attention.

Hello Igor, good morning.
I already activated the debugging and it tells me that it uploaded it to the server, but I can’t get a copy of that debugging to send it here. Is there any additional procedure?

@ccsnano Yeah, uploading logs is all I needed. I got the logs, and will follow-up shortly.

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Hello Igor I hope you find yourself well. I wanted to tell you that I am very interested in paying licenses for your app since we are selling affordable home automation solutions, one of those products where I am using Home Habit is on a Sonoff NS Panel Pro screen, it works very well there, the only drawback is that we are trying now.

I look forward to your debugging response,


@ccsnano Can you send me the whole response data from Local URL “Get All Devices with Full Details” in Maker API app config using direct message here, or to support@homehabit.app?
The logs show that for some reason it cannot parse the response from that API, and it is unclear why.

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Igor already sent it to your email.

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@ccsnano When the app starts to reconnect to Hubitat, can you check on Integrations screen if you see a time counter like “retrying in X seconds”? It should try to reconnect after that time has expired.

Also, does you hub reboot periodically? I managed to reproduce similar error in the logs, when hub restarts. However, it does reconnect after restart is complete for me.

Hello Igo,

If he tries to connect and does so, he does so in periods of 30 seconds, the HUB disconnected message appears.
After 5 hours it stops communicating with the Hub and in that case I have to close the app and open it again.

The hub restarts only when there is an update from Hubitat, otherwise it is always online.
I’m going to test your app with a tablet to see if it gives me the same problem.

So, in this case, where is no “reconnecting” message?

Yes, there is a message of disconnection from the hub, it remains fixed. Ah, he doesn’t answer anymore.

I’d be interested in testing your new version of Home Habit when you have it available. Of all the variety of dashboards that exist, Home Habit is the one that best suits what I need.

Igor which additional actuator could you try to see if the fault is solved?

Igor here is a solution that another user applied and it seems to have worked. I will apply it.

Good morning Igor,

I wanted to tell you that I put the api address in the Hubitat cloud and the disconnection problem went away.

Additionally, how do I buy the license?

I am attentive to your comments.