Easy dashboard for wink hub?

Hey guys

I have a wink hub with many different types of smarthome options. Currently running a myq hub, hampton bay wink remote control, ge smart switches, dome window sensors, centralite leak sensor, sonos amp:connect, nest camera, ring doorbell 2, ring floodlight cam and schlage door lock.

Next item on my wishlist is to have a tablet on the wall to control all of these items in case i don’t have my phone or other users who do not have access to my wink hub need to turn a light or fan on or off.

I purchased an amazon fire 10 tablet to do this with thinking that action tiles would work but it doesnt support wink. I then looked in to switching to hubitat or smartthings but they do not have integrations with some of my smart devices…most notably nest and ring so i did some more research and came across home assistant but that seems very code based. I then somehow stumbled upon project rotini/homehabit which actually has wink integration (honesty seems like the only dashboard app compatible with wink)

Will i be able to easily create a dashboard using just the homehabit app and my wink hub or will i need coding as well?

I am an IT guy but my specialty is not coding but i could figure out if need be. Any advice would help here.

Thanks all

@chrispudge Thank you for your interest in the app!
Yes, you would be able to create dashboard entirely within the app on device without any coding.
The philosophy of the app is to provide all functionality on device, and any kind of textual configuration would be optional for users that prefer that.

Let me know if you have any issues with the setup.

@igor Thank you for responding. I should be getting my android tablet tomorrow so i will be starting then. What is the wink integration setup like?

@chrispudge The first step would be to connect to wink platform using standard authentication flow Wink provides. After that, the app will load all available devices from Wink.
Then, you would have to create your first dashboard and start adding widgets to it. Each widget can use one or more Wink devices to show some kind of data such as switch, light, and so on.

It would not be possible to use some widgets with just Wink, like weather, since Wink platform doesn’t provide any data for it.

I hope that answers your question at a high level.

@Igor…started setting up my tablet today and got a few items added to the dashboard. Any advice on how to add my myq garage door controller andhampton bay fan controller?

@chrispudge When creating new widget, before selecting widget type, in all items list do you see those devices listed at all?

@igor i do not see the fan. I see garage doors but seems like only the sensor to see if its open or closed but not to actually open it…

@igor how about sonos use in the media widget?

Can you make a screenshot of widget configuration screen?

Wink doesn’t provide official API documentation for Sonos device, so it is not supported yet.
Let me check on it again, will get back to you.

This? Any idea aboutthe fan controller?

Will check on the fan.
So, after you select “contact sensor” under “Garage Door 1”, for example, what widget types do you see available?

If i choose shutter i get this

on the last screen, after choosing shutter, if you tap on “bind an item” - do you see the same garage door device in that list?

This last step should not be needed usually, but seems like these is a bug somewhere.

No i do not…it is an empty list

Ok, that’s a bug them. Will get back to you.
Thank you for helping figure this out.

@igor while you look into that can you probide some detail about connectig a nest or ring camera? I see it asks for a url but im unfamiliar

I have succesfully created dashboard, but i only really have lights on my Wink hub. So i wouldn’t be able to help out more than that. I actually just recently found this app as well and to my surprise it worked. And what i found to be even better is igor actively helping. This app actually is encouraging me to purchase more devices to pair to the wink just so that i can help with reporting bugs and getting the full extent of the software.

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I also have a Roku tv which I downloaded an app that I can control the tv from here as well. Just some thing a bit different.

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@faviolosky Thanks for sharing your experience and screenshots! Always great to see different user setups using the app :slight_smile: